As you can tell by the number, Avira has been around for a while with this new edition now bringing the tally up to version 3.1. With that being said, it remains a relatively unknown Antivirus, and that needs to change because of how good it is.

After trying a multitude of programs myself to keep my Android virus free, there’s only a select few that I enjoy as much as Avira. It gave me no problems when I had it running and did its job perfectly. On top of that the battery life of my device was still good, and it didn’t give me any annoying pop ups or make my handset run at a slow level. If you compare it with some of the more well-known Antivirus programs that cost you and lots of money, in my opinion, it comes out on top against most of them.

Avira antivirus


Getting down to the specifics, this version will bring some big changes with it. The UI has completely changed, and if you used to use it before, you will hardly recognize it. Don’t let that scare you away from upgrading though, because after trialing it ourselves, it is better than the old version. Furthermore, you will also be greeted with a bunch of enhancements that make the real software better than the last time around also, so there’s no denying you will want to get hooked up with this copy instead of staying down on the previous one you already know.

You will also notice a new feature called Remote Yell. This is a carbon copy of the other feature called remote Scream, only it’s renamed for branding purposes. For the most part, companies like to steer clear of renaming things and changing logos, because now all of a sudden people get confused and don’t recognize it any more. That’s why it’s rare to get something like a name change incorporated into any app. In this instance, the makers have deemed it necessary for reasons unknown at this stage.

It will work on all Android products, ranging from Smartphones, tablets and phablets.

Download: Avira 3.1 from the Play Store here.