If you like to write things, whether it is journal entries, or blogging on the web, one of the biggest concerns can be writing repetitive phrases because there is only so many words in your vocabulary. Straining your brain to find a phrase to the one you have already used in fifty other articles can be stressful.

WriteRight for iPad, iPad mini and iPhone is a new application that can help you search for synonyms and antonyms for your work so that you can say something different with the help of this cool tool. If you take a look at the picture it will give you a good example of how it works.

Write right

If we were to say something negative, it would be that I don’t like to do my writing on the iPhone or iPad at all. Even my small notebook I find gives me a claustrophobic feeling that I need to get away from and back at the full size computer when given the chance. Having said that, I do know of people who do their blogging direct from the iPad, and there is no shortage of people who create things direct from the iPhone either so they both do have a reason to be there. It would be great to see a web browser extension like Chrome incorporate something like this for myself to use, but for now, it’s only in app form.

Don’t go thinking that this app will help you rank better in search engines like Google, because it, and all others, are smart when it comes to just using synonyms to change the text, much like you would if you were using a content spinner. This kind of spinning will get picked up, and it will be penalized. The point is that it won’t help you steal someone else text and then try to change it around and post it again on your own site. However, if it’s for your own personal gain from changing your own text that needs to be varied because you use the same words too much, then it can be a very useful tool indeed. To add to that, it can also be a tool to help you learn to get better an English by taking notice of what the app is doing for you. This will give you a chance to see and learn and before too long you will have added some extra vocabulary into your repertoire.

WriteRight is available for $2.99 at the app store.