If you are currently living a lifestyle that permits you to capture what you are doing now, almost like a diary entry journal, then Kennedy is a brand new app that retails for $1.99 designed to help you out.

We stumbled across this app in the app store, but it looks like it has been available before for some time. In January of this year, just a few days back, it received an update to version 1.2.1.

Kennedy for iPhone

With Kennedy, you can jot down basics like what the date and time is now, plus extra details that would otherwise normally be difficult with any other program like what is currently playing in your iTunes account and what the temperature is in your current climate.

Kennedy has journalistic capabilities that appeal to enough of a crowd for the developers to put a price tag on it of just under two dollars. That will be enough to create a problem for some people, as it doesn’t have all the features needed for the full-time journalist to use, and it’s not cheap enough for the person who just wanted to use it recreationally. However, if you’re not too young, and have earned money of late, there’s no reason you won’t give this one a look into.

One of its main focal points is how easy it is to use to capture all of those moments you wanted to quickly take down. It even comes with a Dropbox backup system built-in internally so you will never compromise any of your past moments.

Download it from the app store from this link.