Last year Yahoo bought out popular application Summly, which was a summary app that’s main goal was taking the day’s best news, trends and delivering them all together in the one place. It’s hardly a unique idea. When you think about what blogs are today, there isn’t much difference between this and what everyone is doing.

The developer behind Summly was Nick D’aloisio, an Australian born in 1995 who made a name for himself when Yahoo Inc paid big money for this app we are talking about here.

Yahoo News Digest

They do have one thing going for them though, and that’s a lot of workers creating content and it will be good quality because of the amount of money Yahoo can afford to spend on workers. The other big thing that works in their favor is that everybody knows who Yahoo is, and it will be receiving a large amount of publicity to help aid the site for organic traffic. The last point is key for when we are talking about apps that need downloading before any content is viewed. When you have the general internet, most news sites rely on search engine traffic to help boost views. Without this, there is almost no site that could survive unless it’s a start-up of a different genre like Facebook. Content coming directly from apps doesn’t have this benefit so being backed behind a big brand name is of the utmost importance.

Rather than dishing out personalized news like Flipboard where you get to pick what you see, News Digest aims to give you what you need to see by choosing themselves what are the biggest headlines for the day. When put that way, it’s almost like watching your evening news all in one quick show, only in text form.

Download for iOS: Yahoo News Digest