It  is funny how something that is naturally rectangle and small can vary so much from year to year as companies attempt to stay away from patent battles where they lose lots of money by resembling the other brand a little too closely. However, the big names like Apple, Android and Windows do a magnificent job and not only varying their products like the years roll by, but also improving to where they look more modern and are liked better than they were before. It would not always go hand in hand with smartphone evolution if it were not for the “handy work” by some very smart, and well paid,  designers.

Luckily for us, and others that enjoy seeing fake mockups, designers who aren’t employed by Apple love to put suspicions to rest and come up with some design ideas of their own that may even spark the imagination of the real Cupertino gang. It would only be the case if they are met with a warm enough reception when seen, but the chance is there.

iPhone Club has released a render of a fake mock-up of what the iPod Nano inspired iPhone 6 could look like, and in my opinion, it looks great. The single downside would be that it lacks that “superior” feel we know and love from the fruit company that they always produce. The way the holes are incorporated into the end looks cool, however.

I have perpetually been an aficionado of the way Windows Phone looks. No, it is not just a biased opinion because I spent a while studying the Redmond-based OS, but the square style catches my eye. These renders also remind me a lot of what we have come to know and love from the Microsoft smartphone entries when they have teamed up with Nokia so far.
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