In today’s world of mobile madness, there are two things most of us need that we do not have enough of storage space and data. Luckily the latter has been addressed several times over the past few weeks, and much of that can be attributed to different companies adjusting to each other’s deals so they are not left behind in the competition. AT&T today announced another monumental day by offering an all new GoPhone plan that comes with an extra 250 MB. It makes the total allowance 500 MB per month.

In addition to this, they have also bolstered the $60 plan to include 5 GB of data per month and the new $45 plan that will meet somewhere in the middle and is available from Wal-Mart stores across the United States. The idea is to give customers more options so they can pay for exactly what they want rather than a deal than happens to make the most sense out of all the options but still falls short of being convenient. Ideally the extra allowance will continue to grow but for it to do so the phone carriers need to be making good money to offer the deals. As long as people and consumers continue to meet in the middle then we should continue to see more flexibility and more data become available to use.

All new smartphone plans will commence on Anzac day. There are a few “fine print” details listed at the bottom of the page that say 4G LTE is limited for selected markets still. The unlimited messaging only applies if you are testing within the US so be careful when sending SMS messages to friends across the pond.

Via: AT&T newsroom story