It took a lengthy period for Steve Jobs passing to sink in for many including myself. After he passed away there is little left to remember him by other than watching the movie remakes of his life that are not entirely true, or by looking through whatever YouTube clips you can find. If you are lucky enough you might stumble across somebody blogging a journal entry about the time they  spent with the man himself which is what I have found today.

One part of the story that stuck for me was Steve made a commitment to personally remember each and every Apple employees names because “it was an honor.” That speaks volumes about the guy that he was.

You will want to put aside a good ten minutes to sit through this one because it is a long article that first appeared in the magazine available in app form from iTunes called “The Loop.”

The piece screams out a must-read memoir for an Apple enthusiast. There is oftentimes no better way to find out about someone that a direct source tied to them. In many respects, this can be just as satisfying, if not more satisfying, than hearing from the person directly because we only see a media version. Having raw, untold, insider knowledge is a special treat to our eyes.

The first “chapter” doesn’t finish on a good note. In fact, he says he cannot recall anything about the day and I started thinking why bother reading the rest if this is a sign of his brain. However, I continued on and the next chapter was intriguing. here is a little taste.:

This next bit of text is interesting because it has direct ties to our blog name. Apple has their own cafeteria that Steve was big on called caffe Mac’s.

 After I started at Apple in June of 2001, I saw Steve at a few on-campus events, company meetings, walking between buildings and such. You could also see Steve sometimes in the company cafeteria, Caffè Macs. He ate there just like the rest of us. Often sitting with Jony Ive.

From then on it gets better and better so without further adieu you can read the rest here.