That iPhone 5C was supposed to be Apple’s idea of a fun, flamboyant Smartphone, and even though it looks like we could be about to see the end of a very short era, I would not be counting the Cupertino company out from making something just as eye-catching this year, and hopefully for their sake and ours, a handset that proves to be a lot more popular than the iPhone 5C ever was.

Apple will release three phones this year, and this marks the first one we will see of them. If you do the math, that means we likely aren’t going to see a second-generation “budget iPhone” produced. It looks like the lackluster sales figures have forced Apple to give up on the idea of continuing the production in this line. We know for a fact that they will continue to make another “budget” phone, however, it will be different to what we know as the colorful iPhone 5C today.

Let’s not dwell on that just yet, though, and try to enjoy what the fruit company has given us in the cheaper 8 GB iPhone 5C. The fact that it has even less internal memory storage means that they can afford to sell this version even cheaper than the last, and because people weren’t over the moon with how expensive the last version originally came out as, that can only be a good thing. With that being said, we are also well aware of how badly these handsets flopped on the market, so we are not expected huge sales figures.

From my point of view, I loved what Apple managed to create in the iPhone 5C. It has been developed with many different colours — green, blue, white, pink and yellow — and it looked so cool and fresh with iOS 7 that I instantly fell in love with it. Some criticized the plastic shell, but to be honest, I like the idea of a phone that doesn’t break as easily. In many respects, I would prefer the flagship phones to come not as fragile, all-be-it with a cheaper outer shell material like plastic.

Those looking to shop for a new Smartphone and buy the 8 GB variant can do so at home here in Australia, and overseas in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and China. It is fully expected to go to the United States and Canadian stores too, but they have not released that information yet. Here’s to hoping Apple manages to sell a few!