It’s hard to describe to someone what I find appealing about reliving the past and playing a retro game. Obviously as time goes on we prefer to look at the amazing graphic capabilities the gaming consoles of today have. Machines like the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are making graphics look so good, it’s almost lifelike, and frankly, scary how far we have come in the last 20 years since the dawn of gaming as we know it.

If you’re old enough to have been alive during the 80’s when many of the original arcade classics were created, going back in time to when these games were new is an overwhelming sensation that hard to beat. Even if it’s a bit before your time, it’s still cool to play something that resembles the Retro era that was once so popular.

Retro Game Crunch is a site made by a dedicated team of developers who have just released their first 7 game series available to be played on PC and Mac. Right now there’s a special sale on that gives gamers the chance to buy this bundle for $11.99 instead of the usual $14.99 price tag. Either way you look at it, it’s great value for money given that you get 7 games to play. If you do the math that makes the original price a bit under $2 a game and with the ale it’s now well under that amount.

There’s even better news too! If they make enough money they plan on running a vote where we get to choose which theme we prefer to see a game made on. The eventual winner that gets the most votes will then be created in a game. Doing this project wasn’t making an already existing game because it’s just the theme of a game that we get the chance to pick. Developing and fine tuning the game will still be up to the Retro Game Crunch developers and we won’t get to see the final product until it’s finished.

To keep the audience enthusiastic about the game that’s being made, Game Crunch will release podcasts, screenshots and the progress of the games during the development process.

The idea started when three friends — Shaun Inman, Rusty Moyher, and Matt Grimm — started up a Kickstarter campaign to try to fund their efforts. Due to overwhelming support the project was a go ahead by 2013. For retro gaming they have been a long time in the making when you consider the lack of graphic detail needed, but they have done a great job in producing some fantastic games.

Each new Indie game made from here is going to keep the 80’s 8-bit theme well and truly alive, and they will release 1 game per month for 6 months total. Here’s a clip showing what this 7 game bundle has to offer: