Seinfeld was a big part of my life growing up. From having all the seasons on one of my computer hard drives thanks to a good friend, to being called “Kramer” by some when I walked down the school hall, it seemed no matter where I went the name Seinfeld wasn’t too far away. Jerry Seinfeld — the main character in the hit series — has always been somebody I enjoyed watching. I don’t find him very funny in his stand-up comedy, but I still enjoy listening to his simple yet witty nature on stage.

An important part of doing stand-up comedy is being able to relate to your audience. You have to choose the material that they will understand. It’s for that reason I’m surprised I had never heard a comical piece done about Smartphones before up until now, and what a genius Jerry is for having thought of it.

Even though most of the routine makes fun of the pocket gadgets we love, we have a good enough sense of humor to see the lighter side of things. We know Jerry probably doesn’t dislike them, and he likely owns one himself. He is just clever at picking his material.

This clip is from the Tonight show, and American TV program, that aired two days ago. You can watch the segment in full here: