Themes are fantastic because they offer a chance for users to change the look of the standard iOS software. Some friends of mine didn’t want to upgrade to the latest iOS 7 because they didn’t like the look of it. That’s a typical response to somebody that doesn’t know anything about theming.

With themes, we can have the latest features of the latest operating system brought out by the company that owns it, and change it to suit our desires. One thing that isn’t always possible to change is how widgets work though, which is what makes Cydget so special.

Only available for jailbroken devices, Cydget will let people display iOS 7 lock screen weather conditions without the need of unlocking the pass code at all. The weather is something that most of us spend a lot of time looking at, especially if you surf or live in a climate that changes a lot, so it can impact what you wear.

It costs $1. 50 cents and will need iFile so that you can change the location to your local one where you live instead of Apple’s own Cupertino, which is what it comes with by default. This is something we commonly see from jailbreaks.

One thing you might have going in your favor if you live in Australia or the United Kingdom is that the default is set to Celsius and not Fahrenheit. If it is the Fahrenheit you would prefer, then it’s not a big deal to change over so don’t worry. To alter it, change the “C’ into a “F” from the variable cookietemp.