Recently we published some mock-ups and concept designs made by people away from the Cupertino company headquarters, but today we are getting republished images by web blog Nowhere Else in France that show what they think is a real leak of the iPhone 6. There’s no doubting the authenticity of the pictures. They certainly do show what appears to be a real smartphone in a persons’s hand, but is it the iPhone 6? We honestly can’t answer that question for sure, but if you wanted my opinion it is not. The reason I say that is the quality does not appear all there yet. It does not have an Apple feel to it and it resembles more of a Windows Phone 625 than anything Apple has done before.

But for all we know this could be some smokescreen deliberately sent out into the wilderness by Apple to see what they view of the public is on this design. Stranger things have happened? Apart from build quality what else do we notice? It has curves! That is right, real voluptuous curves. I wrote an article recently that said the curved smartphone display was not dead and I truly believe it is not. I love the way they look and it aids in developing a screen that can be viewed from more angles. We are not far away from a time whee displays cover the front and wrap around to the sides, and a curved display would be a perfect complement for that even though the LG G Flex and the Galaxy Round did not generate huge revenue.

Here are the leaked photos of the alleged curvy iPhone 6: