The world of concept and mock ups is a tough one to grasp because the photos that we get shown are without a shadow of a doubt authentic, but we know that the image is likely fake because well, they are declared as nothing more than mocks. Part of me believes that it is Apple behind them and they want to see what comments sections of popular Apple blogs like Cult Of Mac get filled with after they see it. This is a marketing business after all, and although Apple is a company known to only care about their own thoughts and not give buyers fundamentally what they want., it is hard to envision them not caring at all.

Whether they are real of fake is not the question here anyway. We know that the iPhone 6 isn’t coming until roughly Q3 of 2014 or September as a more precise guess so there’s just no way known that a real leak would be coming out yet. I can tell you that from experience. Real smartphone leaks will come much closer to the release date. The point I was getting at is, there is nothing else to do if you are an Apple fan than to take a look at these mock pictures for now until later notice anyway. So, regardless whether you believe it is authenticity or not, it is still good to look at.

We’ve seen a few over the last few days and I even posted an article just the other day on some that I thought were worth checking out. This one has been published by Mac City Net and it shows my favorite of them all. It is very refined, mature, elegant and sophisticated. It amazes me how my eyes pick up on such small differences between color and texture to give so many descriptive words on what is essentially just another typical smartphone shaped prototype, but I can harmlessly say that I admire this concept if it turns out to be just that.

If we were to read this text taken from Mac Rumors:

 In practice, this model would be made molds of the latest cases and tested the prototypes of the enclosures to verify their compatibility with the real iPhone 6. It is not uncommon that during the process of engineering accessories manufacturers are forced to progressively refine their plans, as they come, of course, under the table information on the specifications of the phones.

Then who knows, maybe this guy does have a point. We know for a fact that items do get changed over time and for all we know this could be a real photo of what Apple’s plans are right now in time. That makes it even more appealing to study.