If you are a hit fan of Anime artwork and love Apple’s founder Steve Jobs as generously as we do, you might be fascinated in buying this brand new Japanese Anime Steve Jobs T-Shirt that is on sale for 3,750 yen or $37 in US dollars.

The T-Shirt is unique, to say the least, with the word Chocolate Apple underneath a picture of what appears to be Steve transformed into a blonde female. We do not exactly understand why they have done that to him, but we do not understand art that well either. One thing we do know, though, is that it looks fashionable and I for one would wear this any day of the week.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. According to website CrunchyRoll the whole Chocolate fiasco started with a manga tribute that depicted Jobs as a woman. It was back in 2012 and the tradition has obviously stuck. If you follow the connection through, you can see it is the same woman featured as back then too. They have included a couple of other illustrations with the girl. One of them has her full body in a pair of cerulean jeans and a black top sitting on a desk with an old-school Apple Mac next to her. The other is more up close as she poses for a picture with her hand on her chin and wearing glasses. This chick is cool and after learning about the history of this project, I want to be part of it myself.

You can view the original Chocolate story in full dating from 1991 to 2011 here, but the writing is in the native script and if you speak English only you cannot read it. There are more pictures of the characters there, though.