It has been a while since I’ve so much as mentioned the word Kickstarter in my life to anybody I know let alone review something cool to come out of there. That is not to say that not much is created, because I am sure it is. Take the new iPhone case called Lunecase from Concepter that comes its own wireless notification system.

Normally my eyes light up when I hear anything iPhone on Kickstarter. That excitement and buzz are quickly taken away when I see cases, because even though they might claim to do something neat, they always look thick and ugly. That is about when I lose interest because I have no business in lugging around an ugly iPhone or I would just buy something cheaper. Part of the reason I love Apple’s flagship smartphone is because of how beautiful they always are and I religiously choose to show them off and not hide them behind a case. However, Lunecase might change my way of thinking from this point forth.

Right from the get-go I noticed how pretty and black this case is.Now that I know I could be seen in public with it is time to delve a little deeper into what it does. The case can display notifications so that they show up visible on the back cover of the iPhone’s case by using electromagnetic waves. It stops the need of having to use the screen.

Personally I am astonished that it has caused so much excitement and surprised that so many people are enthusiastic about the concept. For me it is not a significant compromise to turn my screen around and look at the screen However, we know the notification system is one that always has plenty of Cydia tweaks coming out for it so people are not happy with the original stock version Apple seems to offer in the iOS versions including the latest iOS 7. With that being said, it is a unique conception and one that I have never seen before this moment. It additionally brings us one stride closer to my goal of witnessing hologram images popping out of displays, so I am all for this project. Arguably the coolest part is that it does not use any battery power, hence the name “lune” and runs off a set of LED lights that display phone call and SMS text messages.


So far Lunecase featured in many big blogs and gotten a range of internet coverage. If I reel off names such as BGR, Ubergizmo, Yahoo News, The Next Web, Wired, Engadget, Cnet, Venturebeat, MacRumors, Cult Of Mac, iPhone Life magazine, TUAW and Gigaom you might get a better grasp of well this project is doing in terms of funding.

I am looking at the stats right now and they tell me this item has 2,536 people giving money to help fund this item. I can also see that they have pledged a total of $101,673 dollars and their target goal were only $50,000. That tells me this project will be a full go ahead!

Even though the total has been reached they are still accepting donations. If you want to pledge it requires the least amount of $1. You can follow this link here and look at the official page.