Much like your classic car might have, the Moto X can now have a wooden back cover according to Droid Life. We’ve recently saw many changes to this phone to try to keep it fresh and sales still ripe. The introduction to the Moto maker program for all different carriers instead of just AT&T was the last.

Cyber Monday servers were running so hot that the sites couldn’t handle the traffic. That lead Motorola to opening up a two-day special instead of one. One of those days is still to come in a few days time after the other had already just finished.

The wood grain back plate will come in at least two different styles. Both are seen from the image below, thanks to EvLeaks. The one on the left is more of a traditional log style wooden look, while the picture on the right shows off more of a straight grain old school style. If we were to take a guess, we’d say the one on the right will be selling a lot more than its counterpart. There’s also talk of a third option which is like the far right side, but it’s darker instead of light.

These Smartphones aren’t on sale now that Cyber Monday finishes. The last offer from Motorola was $479.99 off contract. That would have dropped even further by now. On the contract it was $149.99 when it first came out.

This is one of our personal favorite Android-based mobiles for the year 2013. It’s hard to split the difference between this one and the Nexus 5 which was also a great deal. Both are not necessarily the top of the range — in fact, they aren’t — but they do give amazing value for money which is why we have the rated so highly.

The CEO of Motorola recently came out to announce that while Google did offer financial help in the project, they didn’t have anything else to do with it and that it was all them on the design front. This comes after we knew they had joined forces in creating the phone.

There’s been lots of talk about these wooden plates, but until now we hadn’t seen them up close or been able to confirm that they will 100% be coming. Now we know.