So far Oppo has been true to what they said they would do: release the N1 late in 2013 and release the Find 7 sometime during 2014. That time is likely going to be a while away yet, because it wasn’t that long ago we saw its predecessor in the Oppo Find 5. You may recall the many sneak peak advertisements that were issued in little teaser installments that we covered about this. While it did annoy us to some degree because all we wanted to do was see the final product, it obviously worked a treat because it still has us coming back for more. You are smarter than us Oppo.

When things are so far away, nothing is ever set in stone. That’s not just because we aren’t good enough to hear correctly, but it’s more to do with the fact that even the company themselves is susceptible to changing their minds on what they have today.

With all that being said, we do have some juicy information on what it will have if things were to stay the same as they are right now. The Find 5 will have a Snapdragon 805 processor (which is a jump up from the 800 we see today), a crazy pixel amount of 2560×1440, LTE and a 5.7 inch display. This goes along with what we already knew would be coming in the battery: 400mAh.

When we look at the statistics it is above what we see in today’s Smartphones. The processor will be slightly better than what we see now, and the battery will also receive a boost. That doesn’t always mean it will last longer though, because they higher the specs go the more a battery is needed to keep the device charged properly.

If you search around you will see a few mock-ups of what this phone may look like. Notice I said may and not does, because they aren’t real images. As of right now there is nothing to be seen on this one. As soon as there is though we’d love to show it off. Hopefully they skip the 7-part teaser trailer, this time around.

Via: GizChina