Huawei is a brand name we don’t hear of much because they don’t make many well-known products in the western world. It wasn’t until 2013 that I even knew they made a Windows Phone, let alone actually hold around 7% of all of them under their name.

China is a place where Smartphones aren’t all that fantastic when we compare them to our western counterparts. Don’t let them in on the secret, but they are a fair ways away from being anything like what we know and love. They don’t even really attention to updates and when a new phone is released stating what version of Android it is even running on is something they don’t even mention. If that was to happen back here in Australia or the U.S it would be very confusing.

Where am I going with all of this? The kind folks over in China can now be happy — even if they don’t know what for — because the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 6.1 inch phone is on the way in two different variants according to reports. The reason we know this is because they have just been given certification. It’s a method that is somewhat of a leak and a stretch of the truth, but it’s a bulletproof formula that always works. Once a device is MIIT certified it’s basically a given that is launching, and there’s very little these companies can do to stop us from finding out about it even if they wanted to.

Furthermore, the Ascend mate 2 will have an Octa-core processor and quad-core Huawei Kirin 910 CPU. 2GB of RAM and 64GB of memory along for the ride. Specs are all we really have to go on now because there is no leak of anybody using any of these just yet. By the sounds of it China does have a nice looking phone on the way though. Oh, and it will be running Android of some description.

Moreover, this one will have a Micro SD card slot which we love because it’s how we constantly tell people to back up their devices. This is a greater internal storage to have. It won’t last forever because soon they will make another slot than will be even smaller and come under a different name but for now this is where it’s at. It’s also cool because as long as the other phone has one too, you can use it to shift the contents of one Smartphone over to the other one.

It really hasn’t been all that long since the Huawei W1 was spotted at Wal-Mart only about six months before today. That means they are producing these almost twice a year . We also saw the P6 get released around the same time during 2013. It was known as being very slim and was also fitted with the same chipset as we have here. That price is dropping around about now if this one is out of your price range heading into the holiday season.

Via: GSMInsider