What once was known as sponsoring Australian cricket teams and events played over in Australia, combined with flip phones, bad service, but on a cheap contract is now becoming a reputable brand name over in the United Kingdom. Yes, Three UK is the company I’m talking about, and while it may have phased out a bit in Australia for now as a carrier, they are doing amazing things overseas.

You might recall the North American companies coming out with some rather extravagant deals this past few months, one of which involved free data roaming. Never quite what it is talked up to be, but still a great deal, Three UK had now started to offer the same service for their U.K based customers when they are over in the United States and not for people in their homeland.

While we don’t know the inner working on how the cell carriers manage to pull this one-off, it’s interesting that Three have managed to create a similar deal inside of the same country as the others, rather than back home in a new country. This here could be a choice made by them for business reasons or it may have been easier for them to do it that way.

Back over England way, the same company decided to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note III and the Sony Xperia Z1 in the middle of September 2013. Only just last month saw the Samsung Galaxy Mini get launched for the same people in the same place.

While we do know that the Queen territory does have a better currency now, it’s important to note that the United States still have over 3 times the amount of Smartphone users compared to them. That still leaves them ahead in money terms by more than double.

As we head into the Christmas period, there still is no relief for a struggling Blackberry firm over on the European side of things.