Many people are looking to get your hands on a cheap tablet that your guests won’t know exactly how cheap it really is all while being a great product. Allow me to introduce this range of HP tablets running Android and Tegra processors that are sure to please.

The most common one expected to sell by the bundle is the HP Slate7 Plus. As with most tablets, the number represents the inches in size, thus meaning this one is 7 inches. If you don’t want to break the bank that’s a nice happy-medium size to stay with and is used by many other companies.

You may have heard of the company called NVIDIA when we wrote about them producing a portable gaming console called the Shield. They also many good quality processors, and HP has struck a deal with them to produce NVIDIA Tegra 3 types inside of this one.

The baseline model tablet will start at $149.99 with the top of the range Extreme one retailing for $199.99. The cheaper option comes pre-loaded with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. That’s not the very latest, but it is close to it. Many devices don’t actually have the very latest yet so it’s not that big of a deal. The 4.2.2 is great software that is a big step up from the original Jelly Bean. It’s a lot smoother work fluently. Also keep in mind that there is nothing stopping the rightful owner upgrading this one of the latest operating system after it is purchased. These upgrades still roll out automatically to the device settings. There is also a way to get this done manually on top of that.

This isn’t the lowest priced tablet HP have made either. Back around mid-year when it was the long holiday break in the U.S they brought out a $99 pad. While they are fast becoming known for producing affordable products, don’t mistake that for weakness. I have used HP for almost a decade now, and whilst it has never been a tablet, they are a brand I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to again and again.