Cyber Monday is arguably a geek favorite day of the year. Many of the technology companies love to eke out a sale for the consumers just like they did for the Black Friday but even bigger. The difference is and not shopping by walking down your local street (where there are four deaths this year mind you) shoppers could just look online for the sales instead. Now not everyone has online stores which is why it’s more trafficked for the technology side of things, but there are also other niches that have many online things like anything retail.

Motorola had big plans for this day and they were over before it even begun, because their servers couldn’t handle the traffic and the sites went down. This was for the Moto maker, which is the service that lets people customize the Moto X from the website. For hours now, Motorola has tried to get the site back up, but it hasn’t come back up and gone live. That has left many people still trying to reach the site and making it even worse for the troubled company.

Because of the bad day, they have announced that the same deal will still apply, but for twice as long and for twice the amount of products that they originally had it going forward with. At the end of the day, it’s hard to be angry with a company that was going us good deals so lets not get too worked up about it. Amazing that in today’s day and age servers still can’t handle the traffic. You would think that traffic estimations would be within a certain guess and things would be fine. Where exactly they went wrong, nobody knows them, but because that kind of information hasn’t been leaked.

There is still hope for today as they try to get the site back up and running. The way it looks though it could be well into the night or early morning. If we were to guess they would have a team working on this around the clock because it’s online, and it doesn’t have any certain hours. The worst case scenario is it will be out until tomorrow, but that shouldn’t make much difference. Even though it technically isn’t Cyber Monday anymore, the deal will still be going just the same.

In the mean time there is a Motorola Maker demo that users can check out how it works so that when it finally does come around you know exactly what to do.

At this time the developer edition of the same Smartphone has already sold out during today’s sales. That means this isn’t available anymore until after the sales finish. Even then there may be a waiting period for shipments. Once the sale goes down and the amount of buyers drops down to a normal, even it shouldn’t take long for shipments again. With that being said, most people only wanted it for the discounted price and that part of the deal is all over now.

If you’re away for the rest of the holiday period there is some good quality off contract deals for this phone. It remains one of the best handsets for value for money.

Update: They have decided to scrap today’s plans and just go into December the 4th and the second event will be held on December the 9th. There will be no offer extending to tomorrow now like we previously assumed would be the case.

Via: @Motorola