With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Nokia, many were left wondering what would happen to the other minority of devices which are made as Windows Phone such as the likes of Huawei products.

Richard Ren, head of Huawei’s consumer unit in Europe released a statement and had this to say about it:

We will continue to develop devices running Windows Phone, and launch more products. We remain one of Microsoft’s strategic partners.

Microsoft recently bought out Nokia for a price tag of over $7 billion. Nokia devices account for in between 80 and 90 percent of Windows Phone devices inside of the overall smart phone ecosystem.

Although not exactly a household name inside of the WP industry, Huawei has done some interesting things inside of the Android world, and then made a name for themselves already. It will be interesting to see how their future endeavors go with the Redmond based company on the mobile front. They have remained tight-lipped about any further details about the matter.