A few days ago there was many anxieties among the overall communities to do with what Huawei plan to do now that Microsoft bought out Nokia to put a stronghold their Windows Phone range. Many people believed this could spell the end for the Huawei/Windows partnership which now holds in between 10 and 20 percent of the market, which is why we wrote a report on why that is not the case.

The report we wrote also stated, although we are sure Huawei will stay with Windows Phone, we do not yet have any word on what they still plan on making. That is a hole which closed up today, thanks to the Chinese manufacturer who have come out and confirmed that their next Windows Phone will follow on from past ones, the Ascend W1 and Ascend W2, and be named the Ascend W3. The W3 version will hit us soon. There is no date of exactly when.

Extra information: Huawei plan on taking elements from their Android phone range and mixing it in with the new Windows Phone project. Its body is made of aluminium, and the shape will be well-rounded corners, which is a stark contrast to the current Nokia range of Windows mobile phone.