According to the general manager of Microsoft New Zealand, Windows Phone now has control of 15% of the smart phone market in New Zealand. That figure is astronomical when compared to the 2% is used to own the rights for exactly two years ago today.

Microsoft and Windows Phone have made great strides of late in the mobile industry, going so far is to lead places in Europe in quarterly sales. This particular figure of 15 percent is looking back at the month of July sales. While a few months old now, it’s hard to get hold of official figures any quicker of this.

Windows Phone have been renowned for trailing behind the competition ever since smart phones took the world by storm back in 2007. Since then they have shown promising glimpses of making a dent in taking back some of the market, however, nothing they have done has been enough to date.

Last month, Microsoft revealed the new range of Lumia Smartphones which developed a never seen before camera. This is the first time Windows have managed to lead the way in a mobile type of innovation. This year looks at being the most promising year for Windows Phone yet, and the trend looks to be continuing with some of the competition like Apple essentially struggling at present.