Here’s some bad news for the jailbreaking community: Apple has already been working on, and are nearly ready to push out iOS 7.0.1. Furthermore, they are also already working on the iOS 7.0.2. Could this be Apple’s attempt at shutting out jailbreaking all together?

For a long time there has been a fierce back and forth between the hackers and the Apple developers. The hackers would always try to unlock, and the developers would always try to patch it back up again. Instead of Apple giving in and going against their way, it has seemed they were trying to shut it out completely lately. This was clear with the latest IOS 6 and all of its issues. They also were hot on the heels of releasing another update only about a week after the jailbreak, Evasi0n was released. That didn’t give people much time to get their devices jailboken, but of course, that was the entire point.

The pink iPhone 5C

Now it seems Apple is even hotter on the heels than last year, and that’s big news because last year was nearly so bad it nearly broke apart any jailbreak from happening.

There has also been mixed reports coming out of the Android front in regards to rooting. Some weeks it seems Google love it, and are more than happy to have it as part of the product, whether it be to gain all the customers interested in it, or whether they just genuinely like it. Other times there is news they are trying to stamp it out for particular devices also. With a company as large as Google it’s always hard to gauge their inner thoughts properly.

iOS 7 has already begun rolling out to devices around the word in its official release. That means that if you own an iPhone 4 or later, you can expect it to arrive in your settings possibly before you wake up. It may also take a great deal longer than that, it just depends on the way Apple decides to push it out.

IOS 7 created a stir during its beta stages with the developers who tested it not having many nice things to say about it. It was very buggy and needed a lot of work. That was also expected, though, because of the size of the change compared to the other firmware version released. This one is considered the biggest adoption since the original released all those years ago.

Because there is no telling how much of a polished product we are about to receive, it might be a rather short time before the iOS 70.1 update is rolled out by the Cupertino company. Only time will tell.