If there’s one phone company which are the most well renowned for being colorful, it would have to be a Nokia. They started the trend and they aren’t letting up on it either. Now, the company famous for the popular Lumia series of Windows Phones has kept the colors going into its chargers for handsets. They new chargers will be wireless and given the name DT-601.

The DT-601 work via a USB cable which connects to the round end of the part which does the charging. The USB cable is 5 feet long and can be plugged into any wall socket.

It will be released exclusively to the Asia-Pacific region, including the likes of Australia. Release dates aren’t specified, but we do know that it will be some time in October with no official date present.

You can check out what they will look like, including the full color range (except for red which is also included) in the image featured above.