Windows Phone has made great strides to step themselves back into the Smartphone game which they were once trailing very far behind, due to the lack of original commitment to the pocket devices era. They’ve recently been innovative and created new things — especially on the camera front — which has brought them to record market shares over in Europe at present.

One thing they haven’t been able to reciprocate, however, is the ability to get that phone talking back to the user, like Apple have with Siri and Android have with Google Now. Now, though, it seems that is all about to change with the imminent release of Windows Phone’s “Cortana”, which has been the name given to the new WP voice assistant.

So, how does a company that is so far behind the voice assistant ‘game’ come up with something that will even ‘remotely’ catch people’s attention? By using something the Microsoft faithful is already familiar with, perhaps.

The face looks familiar you say? That’s because it is a certain character from the game, Halo, which was a Xbox exclusive game, and Xbox are of course owned by none other than Microsoft. It’s a combination that many are already viewing as a winning one, which will also capture outsiders attention who might decide to finally take a look in, especially with the lack of production associated with the latest iPhone.