Apple has already seeded the new iOS 7 GM to developers from the Dev’s Center. This means that if you have your own Apple account, you can download it now and use it. Those of you who don’t will have to wait until the September 18th date, which is the official release date for iOS 7 to the public.

In an epic turn of events, Apple has also told developers to send their apps today for iOS 7. This should have them ready for the public in around about a week’s time.

iOS 7 gold master

The new firmware comes with 200 changes compared to the last iOS 6, and it’s been labelled by the Cupertino company themselves as the biggest change since the original release of iOS firmware back in 2007. Moreover, it also has an entirely new aesthetically pleasing look to it, which is much different to anything we have seen come to us as a Apple operating system before for mobile devices. From all the images I’ve seen, it looks really colorful and tasty enough to eat.

There is some bad news, though. The list of devices this will work for is not infinite, unfortunately. To check out if your device is compatible¬†you can check the list here. It will be available for iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod touch’s.

Users can head over to the official website now and check out a full change log for this particular Gold Master release.

Be aware that to download it today requires an Apple account and that account costs money. Roughly $99 in U.S dollars. If you are without one and want to go ahead with getting one, you can do so right away from the Dev’s center.