After Apple revealed the iPhone 5S and 5C models, they also announced the official released date of iOS 7. The date it will be available is September 18th (U.S time) which can be the 19th on some other areas of the world.

IOS 7 has come along way since its first beta release back at the WWDC 2013, which saw many people very upset with how bad shape it was in. That can often be the case with the betas as many of you know, but it seemed extra bad this time around. By the time we got to about the beta 4 is was clear the new Apple firmware was in better shape than it was before, and it was looking like it might finally live up to its name: the biggest change to IOS since its grass-roots 6 years ago, which will have over 200 hundred new features.

iOS 7

When this years iPhone’s were released on stage, there were many people left fairly disappointed in them. They didn’t have anything special going on (other than the fingerprint reader, which I find a big deal myself). But it just wasn’t enough of a wow factor, and many were bored and left feeling like they didn’t have any reason to upgrade.

IOS 7 may be a contributing factor to that because the Cupertino company knew they would be coming up with a big change from the way of firmware instead, and frankly, it’s the perfect time to release a big change in the operating system when there isn’t a big change in iPhone’s — that being the time of the “S” version of the iPhone because it is coming with a new feature and not a new shell.

I try to reiterate this all the time: we are living in a world vastly behind where we could be in technological advancements purely for business reasons. In tech-business things only ever come out one thing at a time, otherwise it is just too much for the world to take in. Moreover, it is a way of maximizing profits, which in turn, keep the companies up and running to the best of their ability. Above all, it needs to come at a time when it can be successful in the public. Apple may have pushed the limits this time, however, they may have gotten away with it.

iOS 7 is supported for most of the iPhone’s, except for the 3G and 3GS (which is what I have in my pocket now). That leaves the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S that will all be included in the mobile list which are capable of using iOS 7.

For iPads, it is supported on the iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad 3 and the iPad 4.

If it’s the iPod Touch you own it will need to be a iPod Touch 5G or later to have support.

For those of you who own the 3G or 3GS mobiles, you might have noticed an issue. If you’re into jailbreaks you might be aware that the hacker teams, such as Evaders, have all stopped working on the iOS 6 Jailbreaks to focus on the 7 jailbreak. However, your devices aren’t supported on the iOS 7. This is a hole even I was not predicted to find myself in.
The good news is that there was some talk the other day about a new untethered jailbreak having been found for those running iOS 6.1.4. That doesn’t mean you have to jump up on this version right way, though, because the newer firmware isn’t coming your way anyway. Instead, just wait it out and see what happens for now. Alternatively, there is the tethered Jailbreak which is already available.

Anyone interested in the Gold Master version, we will be covering that up next, so check back soon.

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