When Apple brought out the iPhone 4S the world was taken by storm because of the addition of Siri. It kind of left them with an impossible task of matching any of people’s expectations. Once they get a taste of something new they then expect to see it again and again. But the truth is new ideas like Siri are not going to come out every year, it would be more like every decade.

Well if Apple isn’t inventing new ideas what is it going to do? How about focusing on improving already existing components to give out better performance and engineer a phone so it is redefined and smartly meets people’s needs more so than it has ever before. Sounds good to me right?


Unfortunately the initial headache of not having a new toy like Siri to play with disappointed the vast majority, but over time once they get the iPhone 5 in their hands they should soon discover just how much better a phone it is. It’s the worlds fastest, lightest and thinnest mobile phone to ever come out. That’s got to be saying something.

Not only is it the fastest, lightest, thinnest phone the world has ever seen but it has a 101 little things integrated to give a better user experience. But what I like most is the screen size. Did Samsung go a little overboard with the Galaxy S3 size? I think so. Bigger isn’t always better and Apple have taken that philosophy and proven it true by spending the last 12 months in the design room to find the perfect happy medium of giving out good size whilst still keeping it compact enough to not seem bulky at all. Combine that with the super slim machine that it is and it seems even smaller, but yet users are seeing a bigger screen than ever before. Another good example is how its lighter meaning a smaller battery but it still manages to give out better battery life. These kind of double-sided twists can be found in direct comparison to the iPhone 4S all over the place where things get more smaller but yet you’re getting better quality functionality at the same time.

One thing the world should admire is the new iPhones camera. Tim Cook mentioned during the Apple event held yesterday that the camera specs and engineering was better than before but now real images have surfaced giving viewers the chance to see direct comparisons of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 photos as shown below.

iPhone 4s image on the left and iPhone 5 image on the right.

The improved picture is just one example of how everything inside the iPhone 5 is better than the 4S, and it’s not just images, its everything.

The story behind the image is that the old iPhone 4s image was taken with ISO 64 setting where as the iPhone 5 image is used with ISO 50 setting. The end result is a slightly larger and improved sensor that is capable of taking in more light than the iPhone 4S was giving out a better quality photo.

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