The iPhone 5 which was unveiled by Time Cook on Wednesday has had more success than I previously thought it would. It managed to sell out in an hour which is way ahead of what Apple were expecting.

The repercussions of the iPhone 5 selling out so fast are that it will no longer be available within the week for shoppers around the world due to a lack of numbers.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 sell out is a shame for many shoppers who were planning on getting their hands on the pre-order. Many making special commitments and dropping others like work etc just to be able to be apart of it. Now for a lot of them it was all for nothing.

The next chance that shoppers will get will come from the masses of queues outside of the selected stores that will sell the new iPhone 5. The date for this even was previously meant to happen was the 21st of September but as I previously mentioned this won’t be happening now until the 28th. That date is said to stick around now until further notice. Of course never say never, the date could change once again but it’s not expected to change from here on out.

Nothing quite sells out like the iPhone normally does, so things like this aren’t exactly anything new. Regular iPhone enthusiasts should be coming a custom to this sort of thing. The queues outside of Apple stores are nothing new either with people often camping out for days to get their hands on the new iPhone.

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