New software update for the Morotola Atrix HD build 77.12.22 brings many, many, many bug fixes along with it.

The 77.12.22 build update includes fixes to the WiFi giving now even better reception to remote places. That’s amazing considering they are already regarded as one of the better phones to own for areas that struggle for reception  Considerably ahead of the iPhone and i can vouch for that.

Motorola Atrix HD

The build also brings better battery performance along with it than what the Atrix previously had.

A few great camera improvement are coming including low light performance which was a key feature names in the new iPhone 5 during the Tim Cook speech is I’m not mistaken. There’s also upgrades to reduce camera blurriness and better colors (also names in the new iPhone) Doing well there Motorola!

There’s also gaming updates involved such as better performance out of Gamesloft and EA games. Spotify gets an upgrade also. There will no longer be pauses when shuffling between songs they have stated.

Unfortunately any live wallpaper being used will not be supported by the update leaving all effected phones with the standard wallpaper again they had when they first purchased the phone.

There’s also a few security patches and things like that involved in the upgrade.

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