Our love for WhatsApp as an instant messenger client continues to roll on after we have already covered it for a number of devices already situated on one of our favorite mobile platforms — the Windows Phone. This time it has migrated over to the Android operating system, and that makes perfect sense since it is also the number one on the most popular list, only for handsets this time.

You can download this 2.11.136 version for WhatsApp direct from the Google Play store after the link became available within the last week. Earlier this year, Google was allegedly buying WhatsApp for over 1 billion dollars. Luckily, that did not happen, because if it was evaluated again today that number would be expected to rise.

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Compatibility is always something to look out for. In this case most people will be given the all clear to run it, because all you need is Android 2.1, and you will be fine. That has people from Gingerbread and up well in the clear for a smooth operation.

In terms of new things to look out for, you’ll have to head over to the link and find the change log which Android have provided. From the reports there is extra audio and video enhancements. It isn’t carrying any groundbreaking features along with it. However, it will have a list of improvements when being compared to the last list it had. There’s always a reason to upgrade when it becomes available to do so.

The beta version was first available in February of this year and only months before that it was going free for iOS. That was only a promotion though, and normal price has resumed ever since.

Blackberry has struggled to keep this application afloat it would seem, after it was announced that the Blackberry 10 would not have this app made for it at all.

Download: WhatsApp for Android 2.11.135