As long as it’s the WiFi version of the iPad that you own, you can now download BBM and use it. This is for any iPad including the iPad Mini. The same rule also applies to the iPod Touch.

BBM was a huge success when it was originally released for iOS just last month. It reeled in millions of downloads in the first two days of its launch and became so popular that they had to issue out a waiting list. This was then met with a work around for those looking to cheat the system, and it wasn’t until at least a few days after that they finally pulled the waiting line and let people download like normal again.

Many people love the Blackberry messaging app over the usual ones that Android and iOS have to offer. There’s also the people who used to love the Blackberry phones before they become almost extinct and then those people switched over to something that’s more in today, leaving the messaging service behind. It offers a good reunite time for those guys. It also offers an extra place for people to meet as more of a social network type of communication, gathering in groups, instead of the usual one on one offerings that we so often see elsewhere.

WiFi is the last type of product to have compared with this application. Because of the way it functions, it has needed some extra attention when compared to the usual 3G and 4G connection types. None-the-less, it has managed to work in the end so there’s no worries there.

Everybody is able to download this for the WiFi models within the next 24 hours. If you’re lucky, it could even be within the next 12 hours from the time you read this.

Next up will be a version coming to the Windows Phone. Windows have done a great job lately making many big apps readily available for their phone service. There’s already talk of this one happening in the near future. With over 80 million active users, it was only a matter of time before they eventually brought it out. Of course, Android already has its own version of the client ready to use as we speak.

Via: SlashGear