Instagram: The social network for those who like to look at pictures more than they do text has just started using ads for the first time inside of its service.

After being acquired by Facebook, it was a surprise that there wasn’t any advertisements displayed before now. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing on Mark Zuckerberg’s behalf either, with Facebook trying to work out what was the best way to monetize mobile traffic, which has seen such a big boom over the last 2 years. It’s possible that they sat back to watch trends and see what would be best for Instagram.

The ads will be appearing much like they do on Facebook too: Through people’s news-feeds instead of just down the sidebar.

Right now there is only one sponsored post that is shown, and it’s by fashion house Michael Kors. It is possible to take if off your personal Instagram feed if you don’t like it. You also have the opportunity to give feedback about what you didn’t like about it.

More advertisements will be released in the near future.

Back in August the social site had an upgrade to import video, this became Instagram 4.1. Before then we saw Flipboard and Vine integration. Towards the end of October a leak was revealed that let us see what the first ads would look like.

Via: USAToday

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