Several months after we saw the chat-heads and home live arrive for Facebook. The Zuckerberg clan has come out with another integral update which could be the biggest of the year 2013.

If you remember a Facebook update which was highly coveted around two weeks ago by all the big blogs, well this is the same one. For the most part, they never mentioned the specifics in titles, but if you do go ahead and download it, this will connect you with what they are all talking about when they say a monumental update is in the works.

Facebook messenger


Possibly induced by the recent hype that BBM brought over to iOS and Android after its release, this upgrade has all the other messaging clients talking and wishing that they had it.

For the most part, Facebook does a good job at protecting people’s privacy even if they do display things to your entire subscribers list when you would prefer them not to. When it comes to chatting, this has only been achievable to your friends list situated inside of your account. However, after you install the beautiful update you can chat via the service to anybody that resides within your mobile phone address book. Furthermore, there is also an upgraded UI that changes the way it looks.

Via: Facebook Messenger