There’s nothing more that makes you want to build the motivation to download the latest of something than when you hear there’s a security exploit in your current one. This is the current situation of the Firefox browser for Android.

It’s just been updated to Firefox 25.0.1 and will now offer a patch for the vulnerability that was found not long ago. If you don’t update to this version then you won’t be fixed. If you do download it then it doesn’t offer much else to go along with it that’s worth mentioning.

Firefox Android

If you are already running any copy of the Mozilla browser, then you will be fine to use this one. If it’s your first time then you want the Gingerbread software. From there, the newer your operating system gets, the better it should work. For example, Ice Cream Sandwich should feel slightly smoother when browsing than the Android 2.3will.

This browser doesn’t quite carry the same popularity as the others like Chrome or Safari, but it is well worth trying and many people do prefer it over any other. Most browsers are available for any product via applications, so there’s no reason you can’t use any of your favorites.

June of this year saw an actual Firefox OS launched on Android phones. One of them was the ZTE Open. The Firefox browser came with the device as stock from the store.

Get this updated 25.0.1 version of Firefox from the Google Play store link here.