What is arguably our favorite music service across any platform has now got a little better by adding Spotify connect to Android. We love Spotify because they offer a free service that runs a few advertisements in between the tracks, and if you’re somebody who spends a lot of time doing other things like chatting instead of having your face buried in the phone or computer to change the song, it offers a great way to keep a list of the songs playing. This has proven difficult to achieve with the other music apps.

Spotify Connect goes one better on top of that by letting users join it up to speakers via a WiFi system offering the chance to hook it up to better speakers than the ones that come with a mobile or tablet. This is something that the original hardware that you might be playing it on doesn’t always have. Take a laptop for example, which generally puts out poor sound quality. The idea of having it connected to other speakers isn’t a new one, but it’s always proven easier said than done with the lack of connectivity available in the ports to do this.


iOS have had the pleasure of using this for a while, and now it’s finally come to Android after a successful stint as a fruit company only special.

A couple of months in 2013 saw the Windows Phone get an application for this. That gives you a good idea of how big it is. Many of the biggest applications in the world are only starting to get Windows Phone apps working now, some even still in the wake. Music is a very popular thing, and it’s easy to underestimate how many people use these streams.

About a year before that we saw a developer create a fake version which people were installing instead at the Windows Phone store.

A startling revelation was also made this year: More people hash tagging the word “music” were associated with Spotify than they were iTunes.

Download: Spotify Android | iOS