One of the reasons I tend to keep the application purchasing to a bare minimum isn’t just because of the incredible lack of funds coming into my wallet, but also that it is a time-consuming process. Put this one down to my 3G speeds, and less than stellar WiFi connection, but searching hasn’t helped to this day either.

Moreover, the App store saw an update today designed to make the search side of things more efficient than last time around. When using a keyboard to type in a name, it’s always helpful for the engine to be able to pick up and take a guess at what you might mean if you didn’t type a name correctly.

Sometimes our fingers get in the way, and we don’t want to take all day to be precise, other times we simply don’t know how to spell. Knowing that, there’s nothing more annoying than using a tool that if you don’t type things correctly it won’t ping back any returns. This was the case with the Application store up until today. Now when you type something in the search field, it will be trying to find what you meant by choosing from a list of frequently typed in suggestions that are similar. This results in a good percentage of results being shown that were what you intended on saying, but didn’t know what the exact spelling was.

Via: TechCrunch