If you haven’t picked up on the connection yet, Android and YouTube are owned by the same company. Yes, both belong to Google, and it was actually a fellow tech blogger who wrote on the video sharing site acquisition that blasted what is now known as Tech Crunch through the proverbial roof.

If you are using any green robot device running any kind of firmware above the Gingerbread then it’s a good idea you upgrade to this YouTube 5.3.23 version to bypass any bugs that may be in store for your next browsing session. We will have to keep this one short and sweet because its main focus was fixing bugs. Bluetooth users were especially annoyed when a certain cursor would appear over the top of the screen when browsing with it turned on. Even in today’s day and age, we are constantly exposed to software flaws such as this one.


After you install it, be sure to open it up and look at the latest Moto G commercial that has been uploaded recently. This is the next big thing in phones if you’re looking before the festive season.

In other news, this build should also have the integrated Google+ comments for those of you who prefer to write using your real name linked to the profile. Just be careful because there is also a box that comes with a tick in it automatically unless you turn it off. When on, this will also share the post you made to your personal Google+ profile page. To close, if it’s trolling you like to do its best you keep that going to your standard account made for the video application.

This follows on from the huge update it saw back in June of this year. This one did have features and big ones. There was the recommended video list, which would be shown. There was also better access to your subscriptions by accessing the new side panel.

You are able to download this updated YouTube app from Google Play here.