If you looked at this to start with, you might think it’s a big rip-off of the Angry Birds game. The characters look kind of similar, it features almost the same pig to the point of copyright infringement and the game play is remarkably similar. If it was any other game, it would take a quick shake of the head before clicking another game, but an Angry Birds clone almost merits a laugh and a try.

If you then head over to the official Facebook page for Bad Piggies, you will see it has 1.5 million fans. How can something like this be so popular? If you haven’t guessed it already, this is developed by the same creators as the Angry Birds franchise, and that’s the reason for its striking resemblance.

Bad Piggies

With Angry Birds Go! Scheduled to launch in around about a week’s time, you’ll want to start playing this one as soon as possible because no doubt you’ll hang the boots up soon enough to give the racing version a try. Or if you want, you should take a long hard look in the mirror and reconsider. With the helping hand and advice by Red Bull, it’s sure to be a real cracker.

Bad Piggies follows on from the same kind of characterizing an animal name and creating it into an adventure puzzle game, and it has been around for a while just like the massive influx of social media fans would suggest.

A while back creators, Rovio included road hogs in an update to this game. This is far newer than that upgrade. When it was first released, its name was already so popular that it quickly became the number one application in the U.S. App store in just three hours. That could be a new world record, but we don’t have those statistics.

The original game came to the iPhone, iPad and Android back in September of 2012.

You can download your copy of Bad Piggies 1.5.2 here.