Not that it’s only for girls, but this is one game that most women I know can’t seem to put down. It could be for that reason that I never really gave it a fair try. Watching their faces stuck in a trance as they attempt to make it to the next level was enough to make me watch TV instead. Now that they have advertised on my site, and seemingly appear around every corner, I wish I gave them more of a chance to win over my heart.

It’s never too late to start, and I might be doing that with this new updated 1.21.0 version of Candy Crush Saga. This update is one you want to try not only from scratch, but also for those who have managed to “finish” the game already. I put that in inverted commas because this now brings an extra 40 or so levels with it, bringing the overall tally up to around 500. For me, I’m not even thinking about this, but it’s still good because it gives me all the previous levels in the app also. Now, instead of having to download two different applications, I can just kill two birds with one stone by downloading this updated application instead.

Candy Crush Cookies

This game has gotten so big that the developers are wanting to give it its own IPO release, much like Facebook and Twitter just did. Isn’t that crazy? It has grown so fast that over 130 million people use it on the mobile devices. It took about 12 months for that figure to be accomplished. Candy Crush is another puzzle game that manages to include enough good fun and creativity to hook its users into never putting it down.

Get your copy of Candy Crush 1.21.0 here from Google Play