If you’re into zombie TV shows and can take a slow-paced adventure ride, then the Walking Dead is a television series you certainly don’t want to miss. After struggling to go with the full length first season, I found myself immersed in it each season that went past it. It’s not really a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat Ala Breaking bad, but it is addictive once you get well involved in the plot.

In some respects it’s hard to believe it has become so popular. This is without a doubt one of the biggest, if not the biggest show on television now. It’s hard to fathom how such a show that lacks any kind of originality can do so well, but all the credit has to go out to the creators. It’s a fine example of how an already existing idea can still be adapted into something great that the world hasn’t seen yet.

Although less than half way where the real up-to-date TV show is up to, season two of the game will now be made available to watch for iOS and Android this coming holiday season. The iPhone will get this season first, much like always is the case. It will then head over to the Android guys, hopefully still before Christmas. They have stated it will be before Santa time, but then they are rather vague on when to expect the Android application. I assume they mean both of them before that time period, but it’s hard to say exactly. You can keep an eye on what is happening by visiting the official page for further information.

The creators have done a really good job turning this into more than just a TV show with an average rated game on the side. The game is good quality, and they have expanded even further to bring fans, comic books and all types of merchandise also. It’s almost hard to say no to anything of this stuff that has a certain element of coolness to it.

Earlier on in the year around June before we were blogging on apps, there was a Walking Dead 400 days app released. This was like a prequel to the show by showing what the first 400 days leading up to the zombie apocalypse was like. Normally this is the kind of thing we find towards the end of a series when they are running out of ideas, but these makers have thrown it in early as more of a sign of creativity and to show they don’t plan on going anywhere fast.

It looks really good. Graphics are what you would expect after the first season and it looks to be taking another step in the right path. You can watch the little teaser trailer here: