Many people have their own personal preferences for when it comes to instant messaging clients that is used across platforms. Just look at the recent success of Blackberry’s BBM for instance, that took on millions of downloads in a mater of days. Our personal favorite here at Mobicuppa would be one we have covered for years called Whatsapp.

The main reason we love this one is its feature that allows for international communication at no charge at all. It’s a deal that we are yet to see evolve into any other messaging service. Sure, there’s always the ability to text, but that isn’t as fun as a proper one on one conversation.

When operating systems get updated the applications have to get the same treatment so that it works properly. Most apps get submitted relevantly early on, and there’s no problems there. That was fine for this one also, but the team has decided to completely change the design of the app so that it better suits an iOS 7 look. As soon as you open it up it actually looks like it is developed by the official Apple team for iOS 7. The idea here could be to get it to look as native as possible, even more so than the iMessage app.

Due to iMessage giving me grief lately with a number of bugs that cause it to freeze on me when I’m using it, I might be doing the permanent switch myself. Remember that this type of client is also used on Android and Windows Phone as well because it wasn’t native on any of them. It’s done by a separate team of developers just like a normal app.

Earlier this year there were rumors of Google being interested in a buyout. Those talks have stalled since then, and nothing has been done. They still keep the original owners as it stands today.

Windows Phone loves this application and the latest Nokia Asha 510 was made compatible with it the other day. Now most phones in the Nokia range running Windows that can use this WhatsApp service.