SkySports is something I’ve always been fairly familiar with even though I’m from Australia and not the United Kingdom where it is from. As a big Formula 1 fan, they are a network I’m constantly honed in on to watch all the latest in the sport via an online connection. It terms of the stock standard Sky Sports channel, I also watch it for the American football because they offer some nice commentary in between the breaks in the game instead of the flurry of advertisements, direct from the U.S. As I’m learning the game more their insights are well worth noting.

This station gets a lot of viewers from right around the globe and to try to accommodate all those viewers they have had their own app for a long time now. It does get a nice overhaul year after year and heading into the holiday season once again it has received a handy upgrade. After downloading this version, you will now be able to record any TV programs that might be coming on remotely via the app from your mobile device.

It hasn’t yet come to Blackberry and word is that it probably won’t mainly because they are a Canadian brand name and don’t really have a huge following over in the U.K direction. The Sky+ app will be readily available for iOS and Android users, however.

For this to work you need a Sky+HD subscription and have a Sky+HD box up and running. If there is no subscription it can’t get any signals working, and it will be no good to you.

Earlier this year saw the Android version of the Sky TV app hacked and taken over thanks to a not so friendly security flaw that was found. This caused it’s removal from the Google Play store all together, but everything is better now, and there are no more vulnerabilities. If you are still spooked by that incident, there is no threat anymore.

Download: Sky+ for Android or iOS.