There’s a few games that you can play as soon as you buy your first Smartphone and realize what all the buzz is about. These games I’m talking about aren’t fantastic console games brought out for the smaller mobile screens. No, these are purely fun to play and designed for the small screen of a phone. Cut The Rope was one of those few games that had all the talent in the world, even if it was just in the puzzle genre and suited for all ages.

It’s with that news that we find it so hard to believe that the developer has announced that Cut The Rope 2 will be an iOS exclusive. Being such a well selling game, it’s hard to know why this has happened. Maybe it was more the lucrative offer from Apple that made this one stick. For now that’s all a bit of a mystery. If you don’t have an iPhone then you will miss a great deal of pleasure when this one comes out.

Om Nom, the main protagonists behind the series, did already release a sequel to this game called Experiments, but that was not the official number 2. ZeptoLab, who are the creators behind this game, made another puzzle styled application called Pudding Monsters. That will be celebrating its first birthday before the new year comes around.

Because the first game is so old and was really popular, there’s a free version you can check out if you haven’t played already. Just type it into the App store or Google Play store section and download it. The first was available on Android, and that’s why you can check it at Google Play.

To give you an idea of just how big Cut The Rope has gotten, it has been available on the Windows Phone platform for over 12 months. It arrived on Windows at the same time as Angry Birds space.

Via: VentureBeat