While it may not seem like the perfect pairing on the surface, if we delve a little deeper there is good reason to have TV channels on mobile phones. The first reason worth considering is what exactly it is that you plan on viewing. Anything newsworthy or for sports fanatics can be viewed with ease from a mobile device, and lets face it, sometimes we are unhappily told to get out of the house right when the big game is on.

That’s where FiOS comes into play by offering TV stations to watch on your mobile via an app. They already had 25 channels up and running and have now managed to merge an extra 16 of them. Many of these have to do with what I just mentioned, but there are also others like Showtime, Showtime Extreme and Sony movie for all the people who would rather watch a movie on their long distance travels. There’s also Bloomberg TV, Cooking, TVGN, so you can see what programs are being shown, and NFL Red Zone so you can keep up to date for the fantasy playoffs.

Furthermore, the offer is only going to patrons residing inside of the United States because of its Verizon only restrictions. It’s free on iOS and Android for everybody to enjoy. Just note that the streaming will of course be coming off your data plan and watching shows uses a lot of this data. Keep regular checks on how much data you have left so you don’t go over the limit or else you will be charged an excess fee.

In addition, owners of the Apple iPad have now been able to use this service since November. Before then it was only made for Smartphones. Anything that uses cellular data and has a SIM card is technically a mobile, though, and it seems like companies are starting to see that potential.

This streaming opportunity has been around since 2010, but Verizon only opened it to a selected range of devices to begin with. Since then it has blossomed well and then was opened up to more of them, and thus increasing the user base nicely once more. It seems to still be on the up and the more customers the “Big Red” can reel in, the better chance it has of remaining that way.