We knew an announcement was going to be made today, but nobody we could find had any idea what it was. Normally, if it hasn’t leaked by the few days before its launch, then it most likely won’t be anything fantastic. The company Square may have just managed to break that mold open a bit after they announced an all new thin card reader that is much thinner than anything they had previously come up with. It will be the constant continual theme as we move forward in time for most things of this nature. As everything evolves, it naturally gets smaller and more efficient. In this case Square has managed to become somewhat of a pioneer now though, so congratulations to them.

Square is another version of Google Wallet that lets users pay for things via a credit card in store without the need for anything else but the card reader on the table. It’s still in its early stages, and these are often a work in progress because of the stores struggling to advance in technology and not the consumers fault for not using it more. It’s for that reason that we will need to have patience with this kind of new technology. There’s nothing to suggest that it won’t be around for the long haul from now on though.

To use Square all you need is a Smartphone or tablet to act as a card. From there it will process the transaction like a mobile credit card would. To get it to work you will need to first download the app for iOS and Android. Install it using whatever platform you are on. Now, after you put in your details you can pin in the card numbers, and it will register it at a 3.5% transaction cost. This is where it makes its money off you. Still, some people will choose to use it, especially if you have no card on you and need to do some quick shopping.

Via: Mobile Syrup