In what could only be described as the biggest animation out there on TV in this modern era, Family Guy is a favorite among many people. It hasn’t seen much expansion from there, however, so it goes without saying that it would be a good idea to think of something.

The main thing to do from here would be to create some sort of game, and that’s what the developers are planning on releasing during the early stages of 2014 with what they hope will be a hit Family Guy app.

This will be different from the “Freakin’ Sweet Family Guy” app for the iPhone which came out last year. That one lets users create video clips out of segments taken from the show. That is different from what we are going to see here. This next venture is a proper game, although it’s not yet known how it will go.

Along with Glee and Black Swan, 20th century Fox released the Family Guy show for the Google Play store and YouTube. This happened late last year heading into Q4 of 2012.

The last one that we saw was exclusive to iOS, but this next proper game will be available for Android also. Currently there was no talk of a Windows Phone application for it. That could change by the time we get around to actually seeing it though, because this hasn’t started development yet, and Windows Phone have done very well of late.

It is made by TinyCo who is also responsible for hit games such as Spellstorm, Tiny Village, Tiny Monsters and Tiny Castle.

Via: Polygon