Tango would have to go down as one of the least known messenger clients out there. That can cause some problems for some people too, because a big reason that goes into our messenger service choice depends on who we already know that is using that service. If the people we know aren’t using something, then we can’t really connect with them at all. If you can get past that aspect then Tango is certainly a messenger application worth a look.

All the big message clients tend to have started out for computer use like Yahoo or MSN, or they are native for mobiles like iMessage or BBM. The one exception to that would be the popular WhatsApp.

Tango friends


Tango was made specifically with mobiles in mind. With the way it looks and feels, it fits in really well, and almost could look native to iOS with its look if it wasn’t for the bright orange bar across the top. You can do everything just as well inside it as you can from other message clients, and in my opinion, I like the video calling better than I do for others. It also opens up without any annoying front page pop-ups like the Yahoo one does.

After originally being released in late 2010, Tango has now been updated to version 3.3.70435 for Android and iOS.

The Windows Phone also came out with a Tango update, but that has nothing to do with this if you were getting confused. To make things even worse, the Window Phone before it was also code-named Mango. They all have one thing in common, and that’s that they liked the color orange, or in this case, in its brightest form.

The Android version is found at the Google Play store from this link.

This 3.3.70435 version will make it easier to connect with other people around the world that you may know, but not be able to find.

This very application has amassed over 120 million users in the short time that it has existed. To try to help broaden its scope, it integrated SDK’s so that people could use it with other apps. TechCrunch was first to report this, which then lead to a deal with Gamesloft coming about to join up with what is called social gaming.

“Tango is rapidly growing and evolving to meet the needs of consumers. We’re a steadfast innovative engine, inspired by providing the greatest communication experience for those who connect to our app. Partnering with entertainment is just the beginning.”